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Panther Air Shock | XR50R Coil Spring Upgrade | Super Motard Jupiter Upgrade

Price: $298.00

The Panther is a lightweight alternative to the traditional coil spring shock featured on the Honda minis. The shock is extremely durable due to the fact that it is made of aircraft aluminum.

Spherical bearings in the shock eyelets assure precise suspension action. The shock is hydraulically dampened utilizing a shim piston design. Compression and rebound damping are internally adjustable. It is manufactured and assembled in-house to the rider's weight.

Part # 50588

Part # Description Overall Length MSRP
50588-9.5 Panther 9.5" $298.00
50592-10.0 Panther 10.0" $298.00
50588-10.5 Panther 10.5" $298.00
50588-11.0 Panther 11.0" $298.00
Price: See Chart Below

Risse Racing introduces the Jupiter-5, Jupiter-5R and the Jupiter-7R coil sping shock upgrades to meet the needs of the Honda XR50R minis. These shocks are manufactured with precision machined parts and are designed to be user serviceable. The Jupiter-7R model features separate high speed and low speed compression adjustments on the remote oil reservoir. Each shock is manufactured and assembled in-house to the rider's weight and riding style. Adjustable compression and rebound damping allows the suspension to be set up for a wide range of rider weights.

Motocross Action stated its August 2003 issue, "...we can't say enough nice things about the coil spring shock . . . The shock's performance is top-notch. Riders were able to feel adjustment made to both the compression and rebound."

  • Adjustable spring preload
  • External Compression & rebound damping adjustment
  • Speed sensitive damping piston
  • Custom tuned to rider weight
  • Available in 9-1/2" overall length
  • Models available for aftermarket long travel swingarms
  • Nitrogen charged for fade free performance

Part # Description Overall Length MSRP
50592 Jupiter-5 9.5" $400.00
50592-5R Jupiter-5R 9.5" $450.00
50592-7R Jupiter-7R 9.5" $600.00
Price: $400.00

The Jupiter-5R can be made shorter in order to lower the rear suspension

  • Oil Damped, Coil Sprung
  • External compression damping adjustment
  • External rebound damping adjustment
  • Remote oil reservoir
  • Manufactured with high strength,lightweight aerospace materials
  • Alloy shaft
  • Teflon bearing surfaces
  • Independent damping circuits for compression and rebound
  • Low stiction seals
  • Hard anodized body
  • Made in the USA