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TK-5 Dampers for Main Landing Gear of Lancair 235, 320, 360 Aircraft

Oil damped main landing gear dampers

TK-5 Dampers

One pair of TK-5 aircraft dampers. Used on Lancair 235, 320, and 360 experimental aircraft. Adjustable length from 5.75" - 6.00" via eccentric bushing. Other custom lengths available upon request. Oil dampened air damper provides smooth plush travel of the landing gear. Externally adjustable nitrogen pressure to tune the dampers for your aircraft's gross weight. 18.8 oz. (532 grams) per damper. One year warranty.

Two to four week lead time for new orders.

TK_5 damper on landing gear

TK-5 Damper installed on main landing gear of a Lancair 360

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