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We now offer suspension service and tuning of most brands of forks and shocks.

With design and manufacturing experience in the bicycle, aerospace, automotive, and water sports industries, Risse Racing Technology now offers service and tuning on most brands of shocks and forks.

Our Pro Service includes the following:

1. Complete dissasembly of the shock or fork,

2. Clean and inspect all parts and bushings

3. Replace all seals and o-rings

4. Reassemble with new oil with revalving/tuning for customer's weight and riding style

5. Test the shock or fork for correct damping adjuster/lockout circuits, function, and test for air leaks.

We also offer restoration of vintage mountain bike shocks and forks. If you have an older bike with suspension parts which are no longer supported by the original manufacturer, or a mountain bike with 1" threaded steerer tube, contact us to discuss how we can help with your project.


Fox ALPS 4 Rebuild $125.00

Fox ALPS 4R Rebuild $125.00

Fox ALPS 5 Rebuild $125.00

Fox ALPS 5R Rebuild $125.00

Fox Vanila Float Rebuild $125.00

Fox Vanila Coil Spring Damper Rebuild $125.00

Fox Float Rebuild $125.00

Fox Float from Cannondale Jekyll Rebuild $125.00

Fox Float RC Rebuild $125.00

Fox Float RP23 Rebuild $125.00

Fox Float RP23 Rebuild + Travel Reduction (2.0" --> 1.75") $125.00

Manitou Xvert TPC $100.00

Specialized Brain Rear Shock $175.00

Specialied Brain Front Fork $175.00

Rock Shox SID $125.00

Rock Shox RS1 Rebuild $125.00 (includes scrader valve air caps)

Rock Shox Mag 21 Rebuild $125.00

Rock Shox Reverb Seat Post Rebuild $175.00

Lawwill Leader Fork Rebuild $100.00

Replacement Eyelet Bushings $5.00

If you have a question about mountain bike suspension service or tuning, please send us an e-mail to: info@risseracing.com